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Specialist Dementia Training

At both of our homes we cater specifically for people who have all forms of dementia, from poor or short-term memory to personality disorder and depression.

Dementia affects approximately one in every 20 people over 65 and one in five over the age of 80.  It is a non-specific illness in which an individual suffers a significant loss of cognitive ability, which may impact attention, language, memory and problem solving. It may be progressive, the result of long-term decline due to disease within the body, or static, and the result of a unique brain injury.

Given the specialist care that needs to be provided to individuals affected by dementia, the managers and senior staff at both homes have been personally trained by Dr Gemma Jones.

Dr Gemma Jones is a highly respected consultant and leading authority that specialises in the education of dementia care giving and design of specialist dementia care facilities. Dr Jones brings over 17 years experience in cell biology, gerontology and nursing. She is a founding member of the first Alzheimer Cafe in the UK and currently focuses her time on the ethical issues related to dementia. She partakes as a guest lecturer at The Hague University and has taught extensively in the UK and North America. Dr Jones has published over 40 articles and has co-edited four care giving books.

Since being trained by Dr Jones, the managers and staff have been able to impart their knowledge on the rest of the staff team. This has ensured that the high care standards have been further enhanced to the benefit of each and every resident.

Furthermore, as a result of the training and expertise, as well as the care provided by the staff, we have redesigned our homes to suit our residents to the best of our ability. One such change is our new bedroom design. Our new bedrooms have decorated to ensure that our residents are as comfortable and as little confused as possible be it from the dementia specific furniture or the colour of the toilet seats.