Welcome to Portelet Care

Welcome to Portelet Care

We have 4 residential care homes in Bournemouth. We provide the highest levels of care to our residents and ensure that their every need is met.

Portelet Care manages four residential care homes located in the lovely seaside town of Bournemouth – Portelet Cottage, Portelet House, Portelet Lodge and Portelet Manor. All the homes are situated in pleasant residential areas, walking distance to shops, library, G.P Surgeries and other amenities. Three of the homes are situated a stones throw away from the beautiful beaches Bournemouth has to offer.

We cater specifically for people who have mental health needs, for example poor or short term memory, personality disorder and depression, all of which could result in changes in behaviour and could lead to anxiety, confusion and agitation.

The accommodation at Portelet Cottage comprises of 16 single rooms, 13 of which have full ensuite facilities; Portelet House comprises of 15 single rooms, 12 of which have full ensuite facilities; Portelet Lodge comprises of 23 single rooms, 17 of which have full ensuite facilities; and Portelet Manor comprises of 25 single rooms, 21 of which have full ensuite facilities. All room sizes conform to current legislation and are tastefully but practically decorated and furnished. Residents are encouraged to furnish their rooms with personal effects and we are able to accommodate small items of furniture.

At all the homes, there is also an open planned spacious dining room and lounge with soft lighting and bright colours being conducive towards free movement and promotes a relaxed environment.

A fully heated conservatory overlooks the gardens with raised flower beds and large seating areas.

Portelet Cottage

Portelet Manor

Portelet Lodge

Portelet House


Home Cooking

Home cooking is provided and all dietary needs can be catered for after consultation with each individual client. A cooked breakfast is available on request and our daily menu is displayed for all to see and to familiarise themselves with.

External Services

Hairdressing is provided weekly, chiropody every 8 weeks and an optician when necessary. As these are external services, the client is responsible for payment.

Mobile Library Service

A mobile library service with large print books is available, with the main library only located 50 metres away from the properties.


Pets maybe accommodated after consultation with the proprietor.

Religious requirements

Religious needs are respected and encouraged.


For obvious health reasons and legal requirements, there is a no smoking policy for staff and residents within the home. Where necessary, smokers must be supervised at all times by a member of staff in an allocated area of the garden. There is a call bell and smoke detector system in every room.

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